Caroline is an accomplished international trainer, facilitator and coach with over 25 years’ experience facilitating personal and group transformation processes with a diverse range of people, organisations and communities.


In 2012, Caroline decided to pursue her life-long passion of helping women awaken their power to change the world and launched her own business, One Million Suns.  After several years of working with women to unlock their potential, she discovered the number one barrier holding most women back from stepping into their potential is a lack of self-confidence.  Drawing from her own experience cultivating the confidence she needed to launch and run her own business, the current research on women and confidence, and the powerful models, tools and practices she has learned over the years, Caroline developed a unique, powerful and transformative approach to help women gain the confidence they need to step into greater levels of influence and impact.


Caroline used her expertise in design and delivery of dynamic, interactive and experiential programs that incorporate cutting edge, innovative methodologies to create her signature program, Women Shine – Cultivating Authentic Confidence.  

Prior to founding One Million Suns, Caroline ran a consultancy devoted to helping professionals develop personal mastery and their leadership identities.    


Caroline serves both corporates, including the financial, technology and mining sectors, and  NGO’s.  Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Caroline has broad international experience, with work and travel in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Caribbean and North America.  She is also keenly interested in dynamics of diversity in the workplace, particularly gender and race, and brings this understanding into all her work. 


Caroline is an Internationally Accredited Neuro-Semantic Meta Coach; and a Certified Feminine Power Coach, Facilitator and Leader and holds a Master’s Degree in Intercultural and International Management with a concentration in training and facilitation.


The workshop has opened a new path for me in my life. Thank you for igniting the flame that had long burnt out.

Caroline, bravo for your contribution to my new beginning.

M. Bassa