Tipping Into Action

I recently moved houses.  After 4 ½ years of living with minimal bedroom furniture I decided now was the time to finally purchase a vanity of some sort to house vanity type things and upgrade from our battered hand-me-down bedside tables. I went from store to store, learning what was available, trying the options on in my mind’s eye.  I filed each option away, sending it to the back of my mind as I continued my search.   And one day, without much forethought in the moment, I walked back into a store where I had seen not the perfect option, but the good enough option and plunked down my credit card. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t exactly what I had imagined or that it was going to take 6 weeks for delivery.   I had reached my tipping point; I simply did not have any more appetite for continued looking. 

This is my pattern.  I research, gather information, seek the guidance of experts and friends, compare prices, weigh pros and cons, analyze all the information in my conscious and unconscious mind.  As a (recovering) perfectionist I sometimes spend too long in this phase hoping perfection will show itself, or afraid I’ll make the wrong move.  But then, invariably, one day it’s enough.  I feel restlessness, an impatience, an exhaustion with research and reflection. I experience an undeniable desire for action.     

As 2014 wound to a close, I felt that exact restlessness.  I had spent much of the year trying to determine the best coaching business model.  I had run focus groups, sought the advice of experts, and read articles and books.   I let all the information drop into my body to let my inner wisdom have a go at it.  And what popped back up was not a clear answer about the “perfect” model, but a clear answer that the time for research and reflection was done.    I had learnt what I could from other people and more gathering would be just a delay tactic. 

So 2015 is an action year.   Am I clear on the “perfect” model for me?  Absolutely not.  But I have enough “good enough” ideas to try things out, to get out of spinning wheels mode and get into the driving lane.  I’m expecting a few wrong turns here and there, even a dead end or two, but I know I’ll never get where I’m meant to be going if I don’t get started.  

What is your signal that it is time to move from research and reflection to decision and action?   Do you have a preference for lots of research and reflection before acting; or do you like to act quickly and learn as you go?     Do you procrastinate out of fear of not getting it exactly right or making a mistake?   Does your impatience to get to action lead to unnecessary and time-consuming missteps? 

A main purpose of One Million Suns and Conditioning Leaders (www.conditioningleaders.com) is to support the actions you want to take professionally and personally so you get the results you want.  If your current strategies are not working for you, we’d love to support you.  This is the year of action for One Million Suns and Conditioning Leaders.  Will you join us?