Have You Ever Experienced the Sparkler Effect?

After the recent Leaping to Fly seminar, one of the participants (and she happens also to be a friend) came to me and said, “Caroline, some of us were talking after the seminar and would like to carry on talking. Let’s have a gathering for those who want to continue the conversation.”
I didn’t know exactly what I was saying “yes” to, but I trust this friend and I trusted my inner knowing
 that something amazing would emerge, so I said, “Yes, of course, let’s do it.”
And thus the concept of the “Sparkler Gathering – Networking the Feminine Power Way” was born. More excitingly I discovered that there is a phenomenon that occurs when you get the right women under the right conditions in a room together. I call it The Sparkler Effect. 

The Sparkler Effect
spärk(ə)lər  / əˈfekt

An alchemic phenomenon, occurring under certain conditions, whereby women, through the power of their own brilliance, ignite the brilliance in other women. The net effect is a brilliance greater than the sum of the parts.
How do I know this phenomenon occurred? Comments sent the next day:
“Dear Sparklers, I had so much unexpected motivation this morning, much of which, no doubt, was due to our get together.”
“To all who sparkle. May the ignition we all felt carry up through the worldly winds ahead this week.”
“A huge thank you for bringing us all together and providing sparkle and motivation... it was just what I needed.” 
“I really appreciate you bringing us into the same room where we can energise together ... so much good and laughter and learning ... I love it!”
“Bright women!  I will take the word Authentic into this week.”

If you would like to learn more about the Sparkler Gatherings, drop me an email. If you'd like to host your own, One Million Suns can help with our new Sparkler Gathering Co-Creation offering.  

Until next time, shine bright like a sparkler,