Power Move Monday!

I love how simple shifts in the words we use can make a big difference in our results. 

Do you have something you know you should do, but just haven't been able to get it done, get around to it, make it happen? Motivation is a big topic - plenty of books devoted to it - but try this simple step and see what happens.

Change your 'I should' to 'I want to.'

"I should exercise more," becomes, "I want to exercise more."
"I should develop a gratitude practice," becomes "I want to develop a gratitude practice."
"I should read more," becomes "I want to read more."

See if your energy shifts, if you feel lighter as you say it, if you feel more likely to do it.

If you do, then amplify it by adding reasons. "I want to read more because I love the way my world expands when I read, it gives me interesting things to talk about, and my kids will see that reading is enjoyable." And right now make a realistic plan to put your desire into action. 

(If you did not notice an expansion of your energy when you changed "I should" to "I want to," don't worry. That is great information. Stay tuned for an upcoming Power Move Monday for what that might mean.)

Until next time, shine brightly,