#Women Rising


It's true. Women are rising. I see bold and brave, passionate and on-purpose women all around me stepping up and out. I’m inspired and encouraged by each of these women who have found the courage and confidence to be in the light.

But I also see (and feel) too many of us still hiding in the shadows.

Those of us who want to take a bold step forward, but hold ourselves back. “If only I knew more, had achieved more, were braver, then I’d be able to step up.”


Have you ever said. . .

“If I just had more self-confidence, I would. . .”


Many of us believe our lack of self-confidence is a personal failing. But the truth is that the Confidence Gap for women is pervasive and affects most of us. So much so researchers, business leaders and journalists have begun to study and write about it.   
We mildly call it a Gap, but I call it a Crisis. The world is in desperate need of the ideas, talents, energy, and creativity of women. YOUR ideas, talents, energy and creativity! 

Women, it’s time!!!


I feel so strongly about this, that last year I set about learning what this Confidence Gap is all about and how to cure it. Turns out there is a lot written about how the Confidence Gap shows up for women, but not a lot on ways to actually close it. 
Let me modify that – there are plenty of articles (and even books) out there for us about how to appear more confident – stop saying “sorry,” stop prefacing sentences with “I think,” take more risks, make decisions more quickly. Basically, adopt the strategies that work for men and you’ll be fine.
Unfortunately, for a number of reasons I’ll cover another time, those suggestions are not very useful and even harmful.  In other words, they’re crap.


So what is the way to help women develop real self-confidence?

I’ve got some ideas. 

Bringing together the findings in the current research, my study of Feminine Power, neuro-semantic training, and drawing on learnings from my own self-confidence journey, I have discovered a way for women to awaken, activate and grow authentic and sustainable self-confidence. 

I’m very excited to share what I’ve discovered in the coming months with you. 


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