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An Unshakable Bond

  • Aramesh Guesthouse 133 Papenfus Drive Midrand, GP, 1684 South Africa (map)

Fun Retreats That Cultivate Connection, Trust and an Unshakable Bond Between Moms and Their Pre-Teen Daughters (Grade 6 and 7)

What pops into your mind when you think about your daughter’s upcoming teen years?

If you’re like many moms, your imaginings may be accompanied by feelings of anxiety, apprehension, uncertainty and self-doubt. 

Do any of these sounds familiar?

  • We have a great relationship now but I dread the time when she starts to pull away.

  • I hope my daughter will confide in me when she’s a teen, but I’m afraid she’ll feel more comfortable turning to her friends. 

  • I can see her self-esteem starting to slip and I wish I knew better how to support her.

  • Our fights are getting more intense and I have no idea how to handle them.

  • Teenagers can be so mean – I’m not sure I can cope if she hates me.

  • With the demands of work and my other children, I never feel like I have enough time for just her.

  • The last thing I want to do is parent like my mother did, but I don’t know another way.

  • My greatest wish is to have a close, supportive, trust and respect-filled relationship with my daughter when she’s a teenager, but I’m afraid it will be the exact opposite. 

If you’re having any of these thoughts, you’re in good company. Many moms feel under-equipped and under-supported to navigate the teen years with their daughters and are at a loss in knowing how to create the kind of relationships they most desire. 

Why is this?

First, many of us approach these years with the story we’ve been given about what the teen years are all about. The story tells us our daughters will spend these years separating from us and asserting themselves – forcefully and against us - on their journey to becoming independent young women.

We’re told to expect intense fighting, high drama, peer groups replacing us. We prepare to suffer through their rejection of us. We’re told all of this is normal and natural, just the way it is, and other than some generic “handling conflict with your teen” books, mostly given very little inspired guidance about how to navigate it or how to help our teen navigate it. So, we brace ourselves for what’s coming, hunker down, get ready for the “inevitable” firestorm and separation and do the best we can with what we know.

Second, too often, we try the go-it-alone approach. “Shouldn’t I know how to do this by now?” “Shouldn’t it come naturally?” “Shouldn’t I know how to parent my own daughter?” Guilt and shame can make us want to hide our feelings of uncertainty and inadequacy, so we don’t seek out support and community.

So many of us begin this important stage of parenting with a pretty hopeless and bleak story, and we’re embarking on it on our own.  No wonder we feel anxious, apprehensive, uncertain and incompetent.

The Good News

But here is the great news. The story we’ve been told is WRONG. The true story is our daughters need us more than ever in the teen years. The truth is they are not trying to separate from us; they are trying the best way they know how to forge a new kind of relationship with us, to move from a girl and her mother relationship to a woman and her mother relationship.

And even more good news is that more and more moms are awakening to this truth and to the possibility of a new kind of mothering through the teen years, moms who are sensing that this yearning they have for a close, mutually supportive, trusting bond with their teen daughter is not just wishful thinking but is indeed possible.

Yet, up until now, most of us have no models or guidance in how to mother in this new conscious way.

There is Support

That is why we created weekend retreats for awakening mothers and their on-the-cusp of teenage-hood daughters (Grade 6 and 7).  We’d love to share with you the powerful concepts and tools we’ve used in mothering our own children in the teen years and that we taught our children to use in their own lives. Over the weekend we also guide you and your daughter to learn deeply about one other, connect at a heart and soul level, and have lots of FUN in the process. 


“The retreat was positively relationship altering. Many paradigm shifts and learnings for and about me. Our relationship now has tools and community support that ensure success.”       V.P., Mom

“The retreat was amazing. I loved it. It was so much fun!”    A.H., Daughter


You will learn how to:

  • Help your daughter ride the highs and lows of life while keeping her self-esteem in tact.

  • Understand and manage your emotions and help your daughter to do the same.

  • Use empowering communication concepts and techniques to help you avoid common communication traps with your daughter.


“Great start of the journey together. Develop coping tools together that are right for you. Future-proof your mother daughter relationship.”     H.I., Mom


Your daughter will learn:

  • The keys of empowered thinking that most people don’t learn till they are adults, if ever.
  • How to become friends with her emotions.
  • Tips, tools and techniques to help her not only in her relationship with you but with friends and classmates too.
  • That you are her biggest ally in this teenage journey and what she can do to keep the bond strong. 


“I found the work was very easy to understand and the facilitators were very good. This weekend has definitely changed my life."       M.V., Daughter


You will leave with:

  • A new outlook that will have you looking forward to the possibilities of the teen years.
  • A closer bond with and more trust in your daughter.
  • More confidence to handle conflict when it arises and skills to repair the bond.
  • A set of concepts and language that you’ll share with your daughter so together you can navigate the ups and downs of your relationship and life in general.
  • A mother-daughter plan and commitment to grow and keep your bond strong.
  • A supportive connection to other awakening and forward thinking moms. 


“A profoundly wonderful learning journey with my daughter. We accumulated gifts for life."      D.V.Z., Mom


In the weeks and months following the retreat you can expect to:

  • Feel more confident as a mom of a teen girl.
  • Have more quality time and fun with your teen daughter.
  • Share more expressions of love and appreciation.
  • Be more joyful, less worried.
  • A positive shift in all family relationships. 


“Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. I see a brighter future for my mom and me. “      T.B., Daughter


Our Special Venue and Suggested Acommodation

We hold our retreats at the beautiful and peaceful Aramesh Guesthouse in Beaulieu Country Estate, Kyalami. Aramesh is offering a 10% discount off normal accommodation rates for retreat participants.  Please book directly with Nicole at Aramesh.



“Thank you so much for such a soul-searching and soul-nourishing weekend in such a beautiful, supportive and loving space.”  GC. Mom


Investment in Your Future Relationship with Your Daughter

  • Early Booking Rate:  R3700/pair (pay by 15 September, 2017)
  • Normal Rate: R3950/pair (after 15 September, 2017)
  • Bookings close 29 September, 2017
  • Fee includes (for two): materials, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, tea breaks
  • Accommodation not included
  • Caroline Hopkins
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    Account num: 62416567363 Branch: Sandton
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Meet Your Facilitators

Caroline Hopkins is a transformational Feminine Power coach, trainer and facilitator and accredited Neuro-Semantic Coach, specializing in helping professional women develop unshakable self-confidence. She considers one of her most rewarding and challenging roles in life is raising her passionate 14 year-old daughter and strong-minded 18 year-old son to become the people they are meant to be.  

Lee and Natasha Griessel are internationally accredited, recognised and licensed as Neuro-Semantic Meta coaches and they are a very well bonded mother-daughter pair. Their passion is developing and supporting individuals to be the best they can be and supporting mothers and daughters to develop a bond as special as theirs. 

What is the format?

Though deep in content, meaning and impact, the format of this retreat is fun, lively and creative. We weave together full group activities, mom workshop and support time, girl workshop and support time, and mom-daughter time.  We’ll discuss, learn, share, support, play and create.

When does it begin and end?

Saturday, 8:30am-9:00pm, Sunday, 8:30am – 4:30 pm

To get the most out of the retreat we strongly encourage you to stay over Saturday evening. (N.B. accommodation is not included in the registration cost.)


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