It's stories like these that inspire and encourage other women to be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

I thank these brave women for sharing their stories here, so that other women can see they are not alone in their struggles and might be encouraged to take the journey that is life coaching, the journey to transform their lives.



Before working with Caroline, I was feeling lost, confused, with no direction and had too high expectations of myself. Within 6 months, I managed to identify where my personal and professional priorities lie, and I became much more tolerant toward myself and others.

Now, I’m confident, relaxed, happy, productive, creative; and I know where I am going. I highly recommend working with Caroline Hopkins.   

Charlotte Haye, Urban Strategist


I was a massive sceptic of life coaching to start off with, but was facing a number of professional challenges that prompted me to take the plunge. Caroline helped a great deal in uncovering the underlying routes of my obstacles and gave me practical solutions, explanations and methodologies to take practical steps toward a future I envisioned for myself.

I can honestly say, a year after starting coaching, my life looks completely different, and I owe much of that to what I learnt through coaching. 

Hayleigh Evans, Owner, POPArt Productions 


I've always been profoundly skeptical of the concept of life coaching. I'm a writer, and though I'd come to a point in my career where I couldn't see my next step -- frankly, I'd lost my love for what I was doing and my vision for what I wanted to achieve -- I just thought, "That's life. Real life is tough." Nevertheless, I decided to give One Million Suns a shot -- just for one session.

I couldn't believe how simultaneously energized and at peace I felt after a single hour with Caroline. And what's best, unlike with other therapeutic methods, the clarity I walked out the door with lasted, washing away my confusion and giving me a clear and confident path to walk forward. Wouldn't it be nice to shove a gag in that nagging voice in your head telling you you're not on the right path? Well, that's what Caroline helped me do. Thanks to Caroline, I completed a book manuscript I'd been stuck on and got the courage to start challenging projects I'd always subconsciously told myself, "That's too big for you."

An incredibly perceptive listener, she has a way of separating the true obstacles to our happiness out from the blinding cloud of possibilities we're usually constantly considering. I'd recommend her to folks in a variety of ruts, from serious relationship crises to just that "blah" feeling we're told to learn to live with -- but shouldn't have to. 

Eve Fairbanks, Author


For years, life was always frantic; running from story to story, across countries, continents and priorities. It is still action-packed, but since my conversations with Caroline, I've somehow found the courage to slow it down, making decisions that bring me closer to the sustainable, creative work I'd been craving. 

Coaching with Caroline helped me pinpoint the questions I needed to ask; to work out what was missing, and create the space in my life to make some tough choices.

Nastasya, Journalist

When I started seeing One Million Suns I was going through, what was for me, a big transition. . . Although I have always thought myself a person amenable to change, this series of changes felt unstable and I struggled with anxiety. . . . Going through the process of life coaching with One Million Suns revealed that a large part of that anxiety sprouted from my fears about being able to meet the new obligations in my life.  So we did the work. . . . I would say that the ultimate value of life coaching for me was to help me exercise and remember the value of compassion toward myself.  I have been learning to trust the wise one in me.  All with the accountability and support that I received from One Million Suns. 

M. T., Lawyer



The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.  



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