Your life can be so impacted. You’ll be unstoppable after this course.
— N. Asante

I wanted to share that my new role is official. And you absolutely had a major role in my decision. If it wasn’t for the amazing self-empowerment you taught us, I would never have given it a second thought. You opened my mind and my heart to a whole new world. This course has impacted every aspect of my life in ways that I never knew would be possible!
I am braver, more accepting, and eager to make positive change happen. I am no longer my own worst enemy hiding in the shadows with great ideas. I now have the courage and conviction to pave the way. Not only have I learned to see myself differently...I have learned to truly respect and celebrate the achievements in my career and personal life. I feel an inner peace and calmness within that has changed my life and opened so many doors for me. I not only approach people and situations differently, I do not feel “less than” for having a different view or for expressing myself in a way that a male dominated corporate society expects a woman to respond. I feel powerful for owning my mind...for owning my feelings and for believing in myself!

I have learned skills that have enabled me to awaken the powerful woman inside me. I stand proud and strong now that I truly know who I am

There are no words to express my deep gratitude for having met you and embarking on your deeply powerful course!
— J. Reis, PMO Head

As I reflect on our session together I am deeply moved by how clear, gentle, safe and strong your guidance and coaching is and how your presence and technique really leave me feeling clarity in my mind and being. Thank you so much, you are gifted at being a coach.
— N. Hoffman, Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator

Absolutely life changing experience. I experienced a shift in the session that will positively change my life forever. Grateful for the experience.
— L. Zakwe, Director

Caroline facilitates important and serious topics with grace and lightness that makes the journey easy to travel, fun and joyful.
— L. Holtz

It’s life changing. Makes you invincible. And the sisterhood that you get behind is forever.
— S. Dulane

Thank you for an awe inspiring program. It has certainly transformed my way of thinking and my approach to certain situations. Before the program, I was quite content to quietly fulfil my duties without the need to express my needs or to showcase my abilities. However, after your workshop, I have been more bold, more take charge and more confident in going after what I want rather than sitting back and assuming my work will speak for itself. Just in this week, I have managed to get a seat at the table at 2 client meetings, one in Tanzania and one in Mozambique just by being bold enough to ask for what I want. My confidence in my own abilities and the way I see myself has broken through the self-made restrictions that I placed on myself and now I am flying high and knowing that I can do whatever I set out to do. Of importance to me is that I also now know that I don’t have to do it alone and that I can count upon some awesome women to be there in my corner and to keep me motivated. I would definitely recommend your program to anyone who wishes to make a difference, not only in their lives but in transforming the lives of other women. Once again, my deepest gratitude to you. You are indeed living your purpose and are an inspiration to many women. Keep up the good work.
— P. Saroop, Commercial Contract Manager

Every woman who is looking to occupy her rightful space in society needs to attend this workshop.
— R Motsoeneng