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A coaching conversation is an interaction like no other.  A coach is an expert question asker, leading you on a journey of self-discovery, at times exhilarating and at times very uncomfortable.  Your coach will ask you questions that invite you to expand your vision of what is possible. She will ask you questions that help you map out and follow a route to your destination.   She will hold up a mirror so you see and build on your already in place capabilities and wisdom. She will ask questions that challenge you to bring into the light of day those limiting beliefs and ideas, hidden until now, that have been holding you back.  She will guide you to construct new ways of thinking and being that support you to live the life you want.  Your coach has a whole satchel of questions and she’s not afraid to use them. 

A coach is not a therapist, mentor, or consultant.  Your coach believes that you are inherently creative, resourceful and whole.   She is not in the business of giving advice, believing that you are the expert in your life and, with the right support and attention, you will devise excellent solutions for your challenges. 

Coaching is not for everyone!   Coaching is for women who suspect they are not being the version of themselves they sense is possible, that they are not living the life they sense is possible.  Coaching is for women who are ready to face where their life isn’t adding up; who have the courage to look at their own limitations; and the persistence to take on the exciting and challenging work of personal change.  

The best way to know if coaching might be right for you is to set up a free, no obligation introductory session.  Click here to learn more.



A coaching relationship is a partnership like no other. A coach helps you clarify where it is you want to go, and then walks by your side on your journey to get there.   She awakens possibilities: supports, challenges, encourages you; holds you accountable to yourself; and celebrates your breakthroughs and successes with you.  Your coach is your personal change expert and she will be your fiercest ally in your quest to become the best version of you.  


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin


Coaching programmes follow the format below and can be 6, 8 or 10 sessions depending on client needs and goals.  Sessions are scheduled fortnightly.   


Complimentary, No Obligation Introductory Session (90 min) 

  • Introduction to coaching
  • Assess readiness and fit


Compass Setting Session (90-120 min) 

  • Snapshot of Now
  • Setting the intentions and outcomes for the Coaching Programme


Aligning Attention to Intention Sessions (75 min/each)

On the journey to get you to your outcomes the areas for exploration and discovery include:

  • Identity
  • Purpose and Meaning
  • Values
  • Goals
  • Emotional mastery
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs
  • Resources and Gap Analysis
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring action plans


Course Correction, Transformation Lock-in and Celebration Session (90 min)

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